Knob Creek

So my four day weekend is pretty much complete, I don't see myself really doing a whole lot more then I did. Tomorrow it's back to the grind once more.

However, one thing I did do (well, other then procure a cat) is go to Knob Creek and zero my AR15 (sort of) and plink with my 10/22.

The 10/22 is a fun little rifle btw. And its cheap as all hell to shoot because, well, a box of 500 rounds runs me about the same as a box of 50 for the AR15. I was doing the math. AR15 .556mm runs about .40 cents a round, while the .22 LR runs about .04, (the judge is more expensive yet, running close to a buck a round depending on the caliber I use, so that thing never gets plinked with) I think I will be plinking with the 10/22 a lot more then any other rifle or gun I got.

As I mentioned, somebody gave me a lot of crap for my 10/22 (I think I'm going to call it Pimp Daddy or something along those lines, quick, give me a Pimp'n name!) They stated, and I quote:
"Oh Lord.
I like the AR15, but what the hell happened to that 10-22? That's the most tragically pimped cheap rifle. . . The ridiculous scope, the "tactical" stock, the horrible bipod, this is the gun equivalent of a Honda with a coffee can exhaust and a giant spoiler."

I just love that quote. But to tell 'Mobile Al Glenfan', you don't like my rifle? Heh, I do! One, you're right, it's a cheap rifle! That's the point! Have you seen the cost of ammo these days? I got a rifle that's fun to shoot and also CHEAP to shoot! Plus, that 'ridiculous scope' saved my rear, otherwise zeroing the AR15 would have been a pain.

10/22? Full of WIN! Excessive accessorizing and All! But that's half the battle with a 10/22. They are MADE TO ACCESSORIZE!!!

I didn't get a shot with my AR 15, but common, it's an AR 15. I can throw up nearly any picture of me with an M16 and it will give you the same basic idea, except for it being, well, shorter and having a tactical stock (and a MAMBA sling!)

Like This, only shorter in stock and barrel, and fired by less privates

Meanwhile, Knob Creek is known for acquiring a lot of firearm enthusiasts, specifically during the Machine Gun Shoot they hold twice a year. However, you will come out and see a lot of guns that are pretty cool and most people will offer to let you shoot them.

Like this 50 Cal. It has the punch of a 12 gauge shot gun. I have fired the M2 50 Cal Machine Gun (now that is fun) and all, but there's something to be said about a gun that will leave a bruise. I fired one shot out of it, but I wasn't about to go try to take another shot, considering how expensive 50 Cal rounds are running these days. It was awesome he let me fire it the once! Pretty sweet, but I don't think I'll be saving up for one any time soon.

And of course, there's this baby.

This was an awesome gun to get obscure close ups of. It's so pretty! What is it?

It's a Vickers Machine Gun, a .303 Cal water cooled fully automatic butterfly trigger machine gun.

I'm not sure what I'm pointing at, but the owner was kind enough to let me fire a few rounds down range. This gun was pretty accurate too, it sent every round to the same exact location, which I can't say the same for the M2 fifty cal, though granted, we were sending the rounds a lot further down range, and there was this problem with the front leg of the tripod of the guns to sink further and further into the mud as we fired them. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

I just want to take pictures of components of these guns.

I will go back to Knob Creek again, take the 22 with me, maybe the AR15 as well, might leave the Judge (might take it too) and get some more plinking in.

One of my battle buddies, when I told him I went shooting this weekend, he specifically asked me if I had a lot of cats. Er, just one. He said that's how it gets started. Guns and Cats. I didn't realize the two were related?

The targets people use out there

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