My Take on Dijongate

Yay, four day pass! And then its back to the grind again.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what 'Dijongate' is, both Instapundit and Hotair linked to this post.

Basically it was a spoof. See, Barack Obama and Joe Biden went to Arlington VA and had a hell burger, which was apparently a historic moment because everything involving Barack Obama is historic. MSNBC was there and covered their little male bonding experience when they were craving a burger.

That's all fine and all, but well, is it newsworthy? Who cares that Barack Obama decided to go get a burger, it's not that big of a deal.

So Legal Insurrection made a joke about it. Because you see, this is secretly a ploy by Barack Obama to come across as an every man, but in reality, he ordered his hamburger with Dijon Mustard, showing that he is an elitist! But MSNBC left out that detail when they reported it, showing that they are covering up that Barack Obama liked Dijon Mustard. And that in itself is the scandal!

Dude, it's a joke on the idiocy of the adoring Mainstream Media and their fawning press coverage of Barack Obama. WHO CARES THAT HE WENT OUT AND GOT A BURGER??? This is non-news, just a little story to make Obama look like a regular 'joe'. There is nothing newsworthy about this story except for those who worship Obama and want to see him every waking hour of their pitiful lives. Do we really care that Obama likes Dijon Mustard?

But apparently, the leftwing blogs (hence forth known as the nutroots) are screaming foul over this story which apparently got the blogger a bit of attention.

Apparently they didn't grasp the concept that this was a joke and a non issue.

Reading up on that story and how people get all up and antsy over any criticism of Obama has proven interesting. Take for instance, the comments left in THIS Post over at Huffington Post (a Liberal haven in the blogosphere). These people have such a blind adoration to the president that they can't find anything remotely funny about him.

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