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Every now and then, I need to remind myself why I currently don't own any pets, though don't take me wrong, I want to get and keep a pet (I loved owning ferrets but they were not without their own issues), but my current position doesn't allow for it.

So last sunday I adopted a Cat. It is a very friendly kitty that I can tell if I keep for a long period of time I would become quite bonded too. The only problem is, well, I am renting a place at the moment from the government. The furniture is not mine. And the Cat will not stop scratching the furniture despite the fact that I have purchased several scratching surfaces to prevent the furniture from getting scratched. The kitty has his preferences, unfortunately I'm not here enough to enforce him in scratching the designated scratching surfaces instead.

*sighs* That's one beef.

The other is the fact that this cat is to damn social! As much fun as he is and how cute he is, this cat craves constant attention. He loves people, he is not remotely shy at all. He hates being locked up in the room upstairs. This isn't so much of a problem with him, except for he's alone a lot and being a social kitty, he probably needs more attention then somebody who works 12 to 18 hours a day can give. It's not fair to him.

And the other issue. I can't guarantee to myself that I can take this cat home with me. I'd love too, but seeing the other little issues, it doesn't look like its going to happen. It's not fair to the cat, and certainly not to me when I get really bonded to him, to keep him for nine months and then give him back. He is a very adoptable kitty, I'm pretty confident that he'll find a good home to somebody who can give him one, I just don't think I'm the person at this time.

I won't go into the hair or litter box problem, which I was anticipating but finding perhaps a little more of a problem then I thought it would be.

Well, already paid the pet deposit that I won't get back and bought a bunch of stuff that I think I've purchased for good. The local shelter on post does have a need for Foster Owners, for newborn kittens and their mommas, and cats that are in threat of going cage crazy. It's not a complete loss, I can probably still offer myself for that. Unfortunately, I think Joe the cat needs to go and find a better owner for him. I'm not in a position to own a cat. Maybe later, when I get my own place, I can manage an outdoor kitty like I did in my youth.

Sorry kitty, I did enjoy your companionship and little quirks while you were here.

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