Twilight Hate

For those of you have read and like Twilight. See, I've got a friend. Surprisingly, we adamantly disagree on everything from religion to politics but we have somehow remained civil to each other and have remained friends on Livejournal and Facebook despite this.

She is currently reading the Twilight series, and she HATES it. She started a blog about it knowing she would hate it and is giving recaps. Her blog is somehow gaining a lot of traction and getting quite popular, which is surprising her. However, what's surprising her even more is her lack of hatemail and flames from people who love the books.

So if you like the series and want to defend it, go show her some love.

Even better, if you have read the series and think its kind of cheesy and corny like myself, or your curious at why this series is so popular and what its about, go check out her blog and get a laugh. Her recaps are actually quite funny, and so true.

But I'm sure a couple of my family members might take offense to her though. Especially those who love the books, and I know a few that do.

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