My Beef with Obama

I get a little ahead of myself, but then I thought Blogger made it so it would update on the date you asked for. Anyhow, I decided to postdate these last couple posts for May 1st, archival reasons.

For those of you who have been living under a rock these last 100 days, we have a new president that is NOT Bush. Everyone has been commenting on/critiquing >his first 100 days and so I guess I can jump on that bandwagon too.

I decided, like most patriotic Americans that the best I could do was give the new President a chance. Sure, I didn't vote for him, but my major concern is wanting to see this country flourish and succeed. Really, I was all about giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Now, Obama is not without his gaffes and mistakes (of which there are plenty), many showing him to be all to human. The time when he thought a window was a door, bumping his head on Marine One, his sense of humor (or lack thereof) in comparing himself to the Special Olympics, leaving the heat on in the oval office, etc etc, just shows him to be for the most part a mere mortal that is not perfect. So in that I don't necessarily fault Obama (though the hypocracy of 'do as I say, not as I do' that he lives by is a little annoying), but rather I fault the double standard in how they portray Obama in the media compared to a recent former President who couldn't go two minutes without being portrayed as a baffoon. There was no respect for the office of the President when Bush held the position, but suddenly Obama now commandeers 100% of our admiration and respect? And there are many, MANY examples of his errors while in office.

The media has shown time and again not to be the watchdogs of the government, whose job is to keep them in check and hold them accountable for their actions by reporting the facts and letting their viewers form their own opinions, but instead are now becoming the advocates of the Obama administration, doing all they can to make sure that this Presidency is seen in positive light. The little gaffes here and there are not what gets me, THIS is what is worrying me. The media has become a tool for the government, which is allowing the government to get away with anything it wants. That in my opinion is the problem.

In regards to Obama himself and his policies, holy crap what is happening to my country? I was seriously willing to give him a full year, with basically two stipulations. He doesn't touch my guns and he fixes the economy. I know he's a liberal, so I can only hope that he governs along the lines of Bill Clinton's moderate liberalism versus being another Jimmy Carter. You can only expect so much from a guy so I kept my expectations low and hoped that maybe we can survive until 2012.

Well, that fell flat. On top of putting America on a High Speed train straight to Socialism, you have a nation of ill informed citizens who don't understand the basics of economics. Everyone is worried about the economy right now. According to poll after poll, that is the number one concern on most people's minds, and with this stimulus nonsense and everything else going on, Obama's cure for fixing the economy is to raise the deficit and spending by trillions of dollars, money WE DON'T HAVE TO SPEND!

The way you fix a downward turn in the economy is not spending more, but spending less. The problem with Obama and what all of his fans are harping on ('He's done so much more then any other president in such a short amount of time') is that he's doing TO MUCH with money we don't have. He's bankrupting our country with all of these pet projects he wants to do.

Don't get me started on Government intervention into private companies like GM and AIG. I will never EVER own a GM vehicle, or a Chrysler vehicle. President Obama is carefully crafting himself to be ruler and overlord of our nation by imposing the government way to forcefully into private lives. I'm fairly socially moderate in regards to my beliefs that people have the right to do their own thing in their private lives and the government should largely butt out, but in regards to fiscal policies, I am straight up Conservative. In nearly ever policy he has enacted I have disagreed with the President. I can't support him, so whenever I hear about a Tea Party nearby that I'm available to attend, you can be sure that I'll do what I can to make it.

In regards to these little efforts to appear to be fiscally responsible, such as claiming to cut 100 million out of the budget, please don't make me laugh. Why waste our time? To the uneducated masses, 100 million sounds like a lot of money, but when you are talking Trillions, which the average person can't really contemplate in their head without visuals, the following video provides a nice graphic. Though the creator might find himself in hot water over defacing a penny.

So, do i have a bone to pick with our current President? You betcha! He's a classic example of using his oratory skills to promise one thing to the people who are all clamoring up to him in all of his magnificence when he turns around and does the exact opposite of what he says he will do. Are people really that stupid? I guess they are, unless they are in full agreement with his actions versus his words.

Meanwhile, I think this weekend I'm going to go stock up on some more ammo.

In closing, 100 days of Awesomeness!

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