More on the Paranoia (none needed)

Well, I did a little more research on the event I was discussing, the thing that came back and bit me when i thought it was long taken care of.

Anyway, so far as i'm researching it, I think it was just sloppiness that is making it have a lot of errors in it. Because apparently when it was sent up originally, back in November, it was deemed to be going in my favor. Then in March, somebody in higher decided against it and kicked it back and they've been going forward with it against me since then, and just trying to get it back out. Of course, i only learned about it last week and have been looking over the paperwork. I think I have a good case and will be talking to a lawyer in June about it. I think it will eventually go in my favor.

Now I just want to know, who kicked it back?

Anyway, there is no malicious intent involved. It was basically Brigade saying that I need to be blamed when Battallion didn't think I should. I think in the long run, its a bottom line sort of thing. I'll know more later.

But it has been interesting to research and find out what happened. I think I should go into investigation or something because this actually somewhat fascinates me.

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