Miss California and the Hypocrisy of the Left

Ok, since I am generally in a giant bubble a lot of the times, I don't always have a lot of opportunity to discuss current affairs, but the whole Carrie Prejean issue is really kind of getting my goat.

This girl just had the gall to state her opinion in a Beauty pageant on a controversial matter and has been attacked up and down for it. She holds the same view as many people do on Gay Marriage. She believes it should be between a Man and a Woman, oh the Travesty! She should have kept her opinion to herself and gave a PC answer, but meanwhile Perez Hilton just wants to call her a Dumb Bitch, showing what an open minded bigot he really is.

What many people are pointing out is that there is a little hypocrisy in regards to how people are treating conservatives and people of faith in regards to this issue vs the President, who is stated to hold the exact same stance on Gay Marriage. Obama thinks it should be between a Man and a Woman too. But the left gives him a pass. Why?

Likely because they believe he really doesn't hold that view and is just stating it for political reasons.

This is ludicrous! So in affect we are punishing somebody for stating their honest opinion and calling them Homophobic while we praise somebody who is considered less then honest about his views (no, he really doesn't feel that way about Gay Marriage, let's vote him into office because he's a Liberal!). When exactly did we enter bizarro-land anyway? That's right, on or about November 4th.

So now we have a series of attacks on a girl who was asked a question and gave an honest answer. Hell, I'm rooting for this girl, I am so sick and tired of hearing about stories like this in regards to how somebody is treated for having a differing opinion that is not PC. And I saw her 'nude' pictures, they look like something that would show up in a Calvin Klein ad. The horror.

In regards to my opinion on Gay Marriage, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, yes, but I never really saw it as my fight to fight. There is so much a single person can do in these times as they watch the world around them spiral into the abyss, and so my view was 'it's going to happen sooner or later, I just have to live my life as best as I can'. But most Christians I know see this as the signs of the times, this was what they were talking about, wasn't it? Good is considered Evil and Evil Good. But now I'll be considered a hater for considering liberal viewpoints as 'evil', when in truth i view them as immoral, which is basically the same thing. Why should I shut my mouth and be PC. If I think something is gross, it's gross. Better put a label on me! I guess all I really can do is 'gird my loins' and prepare for the world to end in 2012.

At least, according to the Mayan Calendar. Perhaps they were onto something?

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