What am I Up Too When I'm Not Utilizying Personal Time?

So some people asked, so I guess I'll give you a little heads up on my current status. Sorry, I have to maintain vague terminology in case anybody decides to 'google that shit'. Of which I know, yes, somebody is going to Google me. It's a given.

Am I working at the moment? Yes.

Full time or Part Time? Full Time. Until early next year unless I decide to extend. I'm still thinking about it, the economy and where we are at as a nation will be determining factors.

What Job am I doing? That job that entails screaming at adults to make them do what I want them to do (very empowering at times, but in truth, quite exhausting. Honestly, you don't power trip on it very much after a while, because your freedoms are quite limited yourself. But it can be rewarding). Why don't I give it a name? Well, because I've mentioned it before, but it becomes quite easy to google when I state it and people have a tendency to find me easier.

In regards to that 'Job' I am referring too, considering the sensitive nature of the job, and the potential for future people I may come in contact with that might try to find out more about what I do before they experience what I do full force, that is one of the reasons why blogging is such a sensitive nature, especially in regards to this particular topic. Nobody wants the human side to come forward, and in regards to my personality and nature, I am all to human.

That was one of the reasons for my moving to an area that is not remotely related to my job last year, though one can have no doubt that i hold a lot of enthusiasm for what I do. A little to much? Probably. I'm still learning the finer parts of this job, and need to refine my style quite a bit, and since I volunteered and many of my counterparts were ordered, we hold varying degrees of ideology on how to perform the same job. I mostly need mentorship, unfortunately, most of my mentors have been in the habit of contradicting each other, which has become quite annoying.

On a completely related but different note, I decided I would point out something that was kind of interesting that was shown to me by one of my readers shortly after my blog went on Hiatus.

This is a screen capture from an official website in regards to what I do for a living at the moment. I did not have anything to do with this, but quite frankly, 2009 being the year of the, well, Leadership that Doesn't Wear Brass (speaking about my job in vague, unsearchable terms is getting quite annoying), I thought this was kind of cool. I decided to get a screen shot, in case the web designers look closer and realize that this example of that particular paygrade may not be the prime example to place on their website.

Yeah, as soon as they realize what they have done, they might go about trying to remove that.

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