I've Got a Four Day Pass

It's been long in coming too. Though I did kind of get a few days off last weekend, they weren't really all that consecutive. I got half of Thursday off, Friday off, and Sunday off. I did the Derby on Saturday. Otherwise, well, I would have had a nice little three and a half day last week.

So this week I get Saturday through Tuesday, and then I go back to the grind on Wednesday. It really shouldn't be that bad, I'm just doing a deja-vu of the last four weeks, same exact training. Should be fairly easy I hope.

I just don't want to do Heartbreak again right now. My short stubby legs didn't take to well to it the first time.

Meanwhile, what can I do with a four day pass?
  • Knob Creek - I bought a couple of rifles a few weeks ago, and I still haven't tested them, so going to the range is probably a given, though somebody has already ripped on my 10/22 as being "the most tragically pimped cheap rifle… The ridiculous scope, the "tactical" stock, the horrible bipod, this is the gun equivalent of a Honda with a coffee can exhaust and a giant spoiler." So, um, I need to take it out and prove that it's not a pimped honda. Sure. I just wanted a freakin' 10/22 for plinking!
  • Nashville - What I love about consecutive four day passes is I can GO SOMEWHERE!!! Nashville is on my list of places to go, but unfortunately it will likely wait my next four day pass. For two reasons. I want to go with somebody, and the engine light in my truck just kicked on.
  • Get Truck Checked - Which brings me to point two. I got to go get my truck checked out to see why the engine light came on. I need to make a payment on it while I'm at it too.
  • Go See Star Trek - I used to be a trekkie too. I haven't seen a movie in a while, and a friend asked if I wanted to see it with him. Hmm, Star Trek.
  • Play Video Games - I've got an Xbox I don't think I've touched in six weeks. I can work on my guitar playing once more.
  • Write - This is the standby. Write. Except I've got a half dozen novel length works that I don't let anybody read for a reason. But I was thinking about this. What if I wrote a short story? And I mean a ten to fifteen page short story? That is very short for me, but I couldn't figure out how to do it because I am destined to just keep writing, hence why none of my stories are complete. And then it got me to thinking. I could pluck any of my characters out of their novel and write a short story on them. Something I can actually let people read actually. I've decided that I'm going to do this. Maybe I'll write a short story for all my protagonists. See which one comes out the most successful. But this will take planning on my part.
  • Work on Webcomic - I was doing so well on this before we picked up too. Maybe I should take a day and just work on it and get a few more comics cranked out. I teased my fans and they are growing restless with me.
  • Learn to Play Guitar - This is not ROCK BAND or GUITAR HERO! An actual real guitar. I brought my guitar with me, just in case I had the notion of deciding to learn a few songs. Even some books to learn some chords. I really need to work on it.
  • Mammoth Caves - I did this last year, so much fun. Could do it again this year, but I need somebody to go with. That is the rub, ain't it?
  • Go someplace in Off the Beaten Path: Kentucky - Just flip through this book and go somewhere. Maybe even the Coca Cola museum. Or something. Take my camera and take some pictures.
  • Photography - I have been barely using my camera this year. Though I probably should have it checked out too after I had my heart shatter when I dropped it in March.
  • Zipline - There's this place in Ohio. . . Probably not going to happen this time, but next cycle break, totally there!
  • Play Paintball - I just got a paintball gun. I really should put it to use. I need to find some people to play with. Hmm, go check out Craigslist, I could probably find a few people on there to play paintball with.
  • Sleep - Actually, I've been doing a LOT of this since we graduated the last group (and even before). I blame it on getting over 'the crud'. I should be caught up on sleep now, except whenever I sit down to start writing or do something constructive, the Z monster attacks.

Hmm, that's a good list to start off with. Now i think I'm going to get out of here before I find myself doing a whole lot of nothing.

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