Holy crap I'm a sucker. . .

Last Minute Concert Details since I'm in the Area

Ok, so plans tomorrow include a trip to Wild Waves in Federal Way and then an evening at a concert I signed up for last minute. But I swore that if I ever got a chance to see Alanis Morissette in concert that I would not hesitate to go. I mean, she's probably one of my all time favorite artists. . .

So I just have to hope I don't fry again at the water slides and then I turn around and go to a concert and then expect to get up in the morning to learn more about little crawly beasts. . .

I'm actually enjoying my time here to tell you the truth. I've been having all of these thoughts on what I want to do with the United states army, I'll have to keep you posted on where I go with that.

I haven't had very many opportunities to really post to my blog since I've been here, the computers here actually aren't very good, (well, actually, this particular one is), so I've been posting to my Live Journal. I don't know why, becuase almost every post I've posted there I privatized within a couple days. Honestly I don't know why I keep that live journal, I keep telling myself I'm going to kill it and I never do.

I guess I'm just indecisive. I gotta go buy some pop cans now for wild waters.


The Notorious To-Do List

I need to make another list. Just a wee little one. It's a list of things I need to do once I get back from my 2 week vacation in Ft Lewis.
  1. Get Paycheck from Work and Deposit (I will REALLY be needing the money by that time)
  2. Unpack from trip
  3. Redo Website (becuase it was supposed to be temporary from the start and I bloody hate it)
  4. Clean Room
  5. Paint Room
  6. Look into buying Easle (this is a big maybe, We'll see)
  7. Update Webcomic, which will be in a soar need of updating and repair)
  8. Hopefully know something about the nature of the army in regards to the unit.
  9. Fix a workout regime that I can stick with.
  10. Stick to said workout regime.
  11. Find something to do with massive paintings that are starting to get on my nerves.
I'll be adding more. But meanwhile, that will have to do.

Downsides of Hobbies

I don't know what to do with myself.

My face is on fire and looks like my body may have gained like thirty pounds or something because it's all bloated. That should teach me that I shouldn't go snowboarding in the middle of July without sunscreen on. Regardless, I look hideous and I decided not to go downtown Portland today on account of the fact that my skin is rather burnt and I don't want it go get worse. I just caked the aloe vera on it but I don't know if it is getting any better. It just seems to be getting worse actually. *sighs* I wish I could have gone to Portland though. I hope my face is doing better tomorrow.

snowboarding was fun Despite that. I didn't realize until afterward that I was going down a Black Diamond all day. To tell you the honest truth, I don't think it was a black diamond, probably a blue square. And what they classified as Blue Squares looked more like Greens. What's interesting is they billed their free style park as a Blue, and Freestyle is definitely Black Diamond area.

Maybe the summer months dumb it down a bit?

But anyway, this stupid sunburn is ruining my vacation. And it ends tomorrow so I just get to spend my saturday sleeping and doing pretty much nothing.

Maybe I'll go see a movie later or something? Just to get out.


Another To Do List

I got another to do list running. . . I love these stupid things, I know they must bore most everyone else to tears.
  • Change Oil
  • Clean Car
  • Travel Voucher
  • Promotion Packet
  • Clean Room - it's still a disaster, got it a little picked up however.
  • Round up Camping Gear and call Eto to confirm.
  • Reservations at CampGround in Portland. (there not fifteen minutes away from my sister's place.)
  • Get a hold of Heta (well, we had something going back and forth.)
  • Get out snowboarding equipment I am now sunburned. . .
  • Six Comics (three will remained Uncolored) - I ended up only doing three. Shame on me!
  • Finish Correspondence Courses (three left, to do by 17th!) I did two, the third I can't do because I can't read it.
  • Pay for Newspaper
  • Online Bill pay for the massive numbers of bills I need to take care of.
  • Request August 1st off
  • Wash all remaining uniforms
  • Pack for the next two and a half weeks
  • Recharge Battery in Camera - that was easy, I just brought the charger with me. . .
  • Clean out all of the memory sticks for Camera (didn't, oops)
  • Apply at Kaiser something my dad wanted me to do, I did it last minute and forgot to add it to the list before.
  • HIt the road
This should be rather fun. Can't wait!


the previous post has been rendered inaccurate

I won't know for certain where I stand in the army deployment rotations until September is over.

You gotta love this indecisive nature of the army, or rather, two entities of the army known as FORSCOM and USARC, who apparently are at war with each other.

This makes for interesting things in the realm of Unit Readiness.


The latest news from the army just in

I ain't goin' anywhere. at least, nowhere over the pond.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. *sighs* Now I really have to go looking for another job becuase my current employer really aint cuttin' it.


Science Experiments with Rifles and Shoplifters

I witnessed a rather interesting scientific phenomenom today, or experiment, or whatever, consisting of a coffee can, some water, a quarter, a flat metal surface, and a high power rifle.

You take the flat metal surface, place it down range, put a quarter on top of it, put a coffee can on top of that, fill it with water, seal it with the coffee lid, go uprange, put a bullet in your rifle, and shoot. It makes for a very nice explosion. When you go back to get what's left of your coffee can, you'll notice that the quarter has been indented quite nicely into the bottom, leaving an imprint to such detail that you can actually see the mint of the quarter.

That 270 is a blast to fire, it gives a bit of a kick however.

In other news, yesterday, instead of celebrating the fourth of july the traditional way as any good american should, I ended up working, closing the store down. We were pretty dead so I thought that we would get out of there rather quickly.

Unfortunately, right as I was heading to the office to take my lunch, a girl decided to sneak out of the store with some of our merchandise in her pocket. And I experienced firsthand how to apprehend a shop lifter.

And unfortunately for me, I was the senior ranking person in the store. It was left to me to call the cops, get the information, and tell this girl that she was no longer allowed in the store. At first she denied ever stealing anything, but she finally just admitted it when the cop started really grilling her (it was pretty obvious that the items were part of our inventory).

It was really interesting. I guess I have a tendency to want to believe people, that they are telling the truth, but this girl was flat out lying through her teeth at first, and her lie just got more and more exagerated on how she had brought the items in the store with her. I myself have always been an honest person, it is probably one of my best qualities, I have never stolen anything in my life. I can't understand how people can do it.

When she finally admitted she was shoplifting, the girl opened up and told us about her past and everything, and basically how she was messed up.

Sad, really.