Holy crap I'm a sucker. . .

Last Minute Concert Details since I'm in the Area

Ok, so plans tomorrow include a trip to Wild Waves in Federal Way and then an evening at a concert I signed up for last minute. But I swore that if I ever got a chance to see Alanis Morissette in concert that I would not hesitate to go. I mean, she's probably one of my all time favorite artists. . .

So I just have to hope I don't fry again at the water slides and then I turn around and go to a concert and then expect to get up in the morning to learn more about little crawly beasts. . .

I'm actually enjoying my time here to tell you the truth. I've been having all of these thoughts on what I want to do with the United states army, I'll have to keep you posted on where I go with that.

I haven't had very many opportunities to really post to my blog since I've been here, the computers here actually aren't very good, (well, actually, this particular one is), so I've been posting to my Live Journal. I don't know why, becuase almost every post I've posted there I privatized within a couple days. Honestly I don't know why I keep that live journal, I keep telling myself I'm going to kill it and I never do.

I guess I'm just indecisive. I gotta go buy some pop cans now for wild waters.

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