Another To Do List

I got another to do list running. . . I love these stupid things, I know they must bore most everyone else to tears.
  • Change Oil
  • Clean Car
  • Travel Voucher
  • Promotion Packet
  • Clean Room - it's still a disaster, got it a little picked up however.
  • Round up Camping Gear and call Eto to confirm.
  • Reservations at CampGround in Portland. (there not fifteen minutes away from my sister's place.)
  • Get a hold of Heta (well, we had something going back and forth.)
  • Get out snowboarding equipment I am now sunburned. . .
  • Six Comics (three will remained Uncolored) - I ended up only doing three. Shame on me!
  • Finish Correspondence Courses (three left, to do by 17th!) I did two, the third I can't do because I can't read it.
  • Pay for Newspaper
  • Online Bill pay for the massive numbers of bills I need to take care of.
  • Request August 1st off
  • Wash all remaining uniforms
  • Pack for the next two and a half weeks
  • Recharge Battery in Camera - that was easy, I just brought the charger with me. . .
  • Clean out all of the memory sticks for Camera (didn't, oops)
  • Apply at Kaiser something my dad wanted me to do, I did it last minute and forgot to add it to the list before.
  • HIt the road
This should be rather fun. Can't wait!

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