Science Experiments with Rifles and Shoplifters

I witnessed a rather interesting scientific phenomenom today, or experiment, or whatever, consisting of a coffee can, some water, a quarter, a flat metal surface, and a high power rifle.

You take the flat metal surface, place it down range, put a quarter on top of it, put a coffee can on top of that, fill it with water, seal it with the coffee lid, go uprange, put a bullet in your rifle, and shoot. It makes for a very nice explosion. When you go back to get what's left of your coffee can, you'll notice that the quarter has been indented quite nicely into the bottom, leaving an imprint to such detail that you can actually see the mint of the quarter.

That 270 is a blast to fire, it gives a bit of a kick however.

In other news, yesterday, instead of celebrating the fourth of july the traditional way as any good american should, I ended up working, closing the store down. We were pretty dead so I thought that we would get out of there rather quickly.

Unfortunately, right as I was heading to the office to take my lunch, a girl decided to sneak out of the store with some of our merchandise in her pocket. And I experienced firsthand how to apprehend a shop lifter.

And unfortunately for me, I was the senior ranking person in the store. It was left to me to call the cops, get the information, and tell this girl that she was no longer allowed in the store. At first she denied ever stealing anything, but she finally just admitted it when the cop started really grilling her (it was pretty obvious that the items were part of our inventory).

It was really interesting. I guess I have a tendency to want to believe people, that they are telling the truth, but this girl was flat out lying through her teeth at first, and her lie just got more and more exagerated on how she had brought the items in the store with her. I myself have always been an honest person, it is probably one of my best qualities, I have never stolen anything in my life. I can't understand how people can do it.

When she finally admitted she was shoplifting, the girl opened up and told us about her past and everything, and basically how she was messed up.

Sad, really.

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