Here We Go Again

Ok, while I was fiddling with my webpage last week, an unexpected thing happened. My website practically crashed. Crashing websites aren't really that much fun.

I resolved this by completely wiping the memory of my website off the face of the internet and waiting for my server to get their act together and reformat my space. Which they did. Though I'm still not exactly certain what happened to my space before. It kind of sucks to tell you the truth, I don't know what happened so I don't know what to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

But what I do know is this. Blogger was involved. Grr. . . And because Blogger was involved, I have to be careful when dealing with old blog posts. What does this mean?

For one, you might notice that this blog is brand spanking new. In that this is the only post here. That's right, I started over, from Scratch. Again. Everything and anything that had to do with the blog previously has been removed. What I can do is dig up old posts from long ago that I think are cool and are worth saving and plugging them on here with a backdate, which is something i may yet do. But that will be a ways down the road. Regardless, I'm now starting off fresh and new, and I am going to make this worth while darn it!

I've also decided that this is going to be my one and only blog. I had an idea to start another called Musings that i've been musing about for the last few months, but then I changed my mind. Hmm.

But, well, I do have another idea as to what I'm going to do with a format like Blogger. I've got a lot of plans, and right now my website is in need of a face lift. No, I'm going to leave the format and template largely as it stands, mainly because I like it. But I've got other things I can do with a template such as this.

Eh, we'll see how it goes. Just as long as my website doesn't suck away my already non-existent life. That wouldn't be good. Yes, this should be fun.

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