Deployment Possibility?

I had a fairly busy weekend. My news included a possibility of another deployment. I'm not holding my breath until I know for certain. But this one seems to have a strong air of a definite possibility.

But considering that in the last year alone, I've been told of several deployments, two of which were my unit, about going somewhere, at one point I had orders in my hand for Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were ammended with one word about three weeks later. Revoke.

That was a great feeling, let me tell you. (that's sarcasm by the way)

I'll know for certain about this next deployment sometime in the next three or four weeks. At least, I should know something. I already know where it is, roughly how long, and all of that other stuff, and to tell you the truth, considering where I am in my life and my position with the military, it's perfect. Can't wait.

But like I said, I'll cross my fingers, but I'm not holding my breath.

More later.

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