Election Jitters

I've been feeling nervous for the last few weeks. Actually, I've been feeling nervous for the last few years. Not that I felt as nervous then as I do now, but this upcoming week has really gotten me down.

See, being swamped in usually liberal environments (mainly work and school, I'm an art major), I often am in full contact with the other political spectrum, being those people that lean to the left. Now, usually I don't have a problem with these people, I'm fairly open minded and I try to avoid talking politics with them. They know where I stand and i know where they stand, we agree to disagree and get on with our lives. Being in those environments, I get plenty of feeling on how these people feel about the current state of affairs and their true feeling about our President.

But I've been having a gut feeling for the last two years that Bush isn't going to be reelected. That didn't bother me so much before because I didn't know who was going to be the one to replace him. Well, I know now that if Bush loses, John Kerry's president.

Kerry as president terrifies me. I disagree with his foreign policy and his love affair with the UN. I also don't trust him in regards to the military. I trust Bush. One of the reasons I prefer Bush to Kerry is obviously my politics line up more with the former then the latter, that's one of the main reasons. But there are more reasons why I just don't trust Kerry. He's a proven liar, he'll literally say ANYTHING, and his record speaks against him. I can't see how anybody can vote for this guy unless they have a putrid disdain for our current president.

This strikes me more then a lot of people becuase I'm in the military, and this man will have a direct impact on how the military runs. I'm in for another three years, at least. I wish I had the option of getting out in November, but I don't. I will be forced to serve under this guy. And it really scares me.

My only hope is that Bush wins the presidency for another four years, or Kerry proves that he isn't as bad as I think he'll be. I doubt it. I think the military will be going through a big shake-up here shortly, and I think if Kerry finds himself president he's in for a surprise.

I just wish that it was november 3rd already.

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