Halloween Update

Well, I mentioned before about my Halloween Costume, in all its righteous coolness. But myself, being the heavy procrastinator that I am, put it off and put it off until I was scraping to get it done the last minute.

Well, it will look cool, but I won't be able to use it this year. That, and I made an error.

See, I made the mask completely by hand, using Plaster Gauze and sculpty mold. The mask does look awesome so far, I just got a few more touch ups to do and then I can paint it, but I'm using a harness off of a protective mask to secure it to my head. I was supposed to leave plenty of room for my ears, but I screwed up and made the jaw straps a hair to high. My ears are covered.


Well, I did learn a lot about mask making while making this mask. I was chronicalling the making of the mask through pictures, unfortunately my brother asked if he could borrow my camera and I let him, and therefore i didn't get the last part of the mask taken care of!

Why did I let him use my camera? I curse myself.

Anyway, some parts of the mask making turned out to be kind of fun. Well, I was going to make some ears to go with the mask (that is now pointless, becuase the mask harness goes over the ears now *growls* and I discovered Algenate, which is awesome awesome stuff.

I had to put on a dorky looking bald cap to cover my hair so I would still have some in tact. It was goopy and runny. Oh, it felt good. I love slimy substances. Like for instances, my foot throwing days.

Algenate makes a really nice mold. You have to wrap it in plaster gauze if you flop it on your head, but it comes out really nice.

I have no pictures of the result. My brother took my camera.

Plaster gauze masks. Yay! And back with the bald cap. Plaster is much harsher on your hair then algenate is.

And don't forget the lubricant, in this case, petroleum jelly. I would have stripped my eyebrows if I had forgotten it. And I'm kind of fond of my eyebrows, thank you very much.

So anyway, I had my base, my ear molds, and I just had to finish the damn thing.

And Now my mask is just in the final stages. Looking really cool, but rubbing against my ears (you can see where I put these little buttons on the mask picture, five of them to secure it to my face.) And unfortunately, my digital camera is somewhere in Utah at this time. I might just have to borrow my sisters.

I have to admit, that I owe a lot of this mask to my friend Ravyn, who inspired me to go this route. I've been wanting to do this for some time, but didn't know where to begin.

I think I'll pimp her skills, she made a wolf mask, which is kind of the same direction that I'm looking to go at this time.

The last picture I took, where I was getting somewhere, was halfway through the sculptamold stage.

It looks like, er, nothing.

GAAAHHH!!! I need my camera! (must call sister and hijack hers!)

UPDATE - I hijacked the sister's camera. Took some pictures of the current mask. It still needs some work, but coming along in my opinion.

Still not done, but will look very good once it's painted and smoothed out and all. It's still in a very rough form.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what I should do about covering the harness. That's still a mystery.

Update Numero Dos The ear molds, in their entirity. They got a bit banged up unfortunately.

Major coolness dude. I don't think I'll be able to use them as I had intended however.

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