In an ever increasingly rabid election year, I have tried to make sense of why people vote the way they do. I mean, most people seem to be getting increasingly more and more angry and upset about the results if the "other guy" gets elected.

Kerry Spot an interesting thought on this subject.

"Liberals appear to believe that George W. Bush and his supporters are evil warmongers who relish killing innocent Iraqis to add to Halliburton’s profits. They sincerely believe that another four years of this administration will mean the end of all that is good in America.

Conservatives increasingly believe that the election of John Kerry will mean a rhetorical and tactical retreat in the war on terror, a decision that will cost American lives as al-Qaeda goes back on the offensive. They suspect that the wrong decision in the election of 2004 will mean many of us won’t be around to correct the decision in 2008."

Basically, who ever wins this election is going to have a mess on their hands, one way or the other. How did a nation get so divided? I can honestly admit that it was a lot of things, gearing up from what I call a Moral Decline that has been prevailent over the last twenty or thirty years. The liberals are getting more liberal, the conservatives are getting more conservative, and both are getting more defensive on their stance. A lot of bickering and backlash takes place. Chaos insues.

Two things you never discuss with friends. Religion and Politics. Very true statement, but one that I sometimes can't seem to avoid.

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