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In two days, the Spokane Ski Swap takes place. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to buy more equipment for myself, as I will be taking every freakin' oppurtinity I can get to go up into the mountains come November/December to go Snowboarding, as after that time elapses there is a great possibility that I won't get another opportunity until next year. Which means I must take every opportunity I can get this year.

I have a barage of people that I can drag with me, the main one of course, being my niece Jasmine. She's a fifth grader this year, and they have a special program in this area where fifth graders get to ski free for the entire season. There is a reason behind the mountains' agreement to do this. If you get them while they're young, you got them for life. Which means more revenue in the coming years.

I am more then willing to encourage the corruption of my niece into the world of extreme winter sports. I wish I could have gotten in on the action at eleven myself. Instead, I had to wait until I was nineteen to get in on the action.

When January rolls around, I'll be stuck mainly in Seattle. Then Fort Lewis. Then I'll be on my way to Eastern Europe. Yes, that's right, this is does not have anything to do with Operation Iraqi Freedom and the war on Terror. I'm partaking in a peace keeping mission at the directive of the United Nations from the Clinton Administration. But that's ok, I'll take it. If it happens that is. See my post earlier about pending deployments and my luck with them.

This week, and next week, I'm working. A lot. I can't seem to be able to get out of working, and then Corporate mailed me a letter telling me that I'm working more then my Part Time Status allows. Yeah, that's great, I can't really help it when I'm basically the only one with completely open availability and everyone seems to call me first to see if I can work for them.

I'll be talking to my boss about this. Meanwhile, I think I'm going to try to get out of one of these shifts next week. I really need the time off. I'm going to be going nuts these next few weeks.

And Creature? Well, things are going to be extra tight about the comic.

Er, yeah, this should be fun. (and I haven't figured out when I'll be getting my top secret costume taken care of yet or not.) *sighs*

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