Ourtsourcing Bush's thing? Not really.

If I hear John Kerry mutter about outsourced jobs one more time, I'm going to vomit.

Here's a story from personal experience in regards to outsourcing.

When my family first moved to Spokane, my dad got a job at Kaiser Aluminum. One of the largest Aluminum manufacturing plants in the country. He was part of the Steel Workers Labor Union. Yeah, that's right, it's a union job.

Two years after we moved here, the Steel Workers went on strike. The strike went on for well over two years. The result of the strike? Kaiser filed Chapter 11, many union workers lost their jobs, and miraculously, my dad was kept on.

The origin for this strike was the outsourcing of jobs. When did it happen?

Between 1998-2000. While Clinton was in office.

This did not start with Bush. To understand where outsourcing came from, you need to look back at Clinton.

That's right, when a Democrat was in office.

It all goes back to the economy stupid.

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