House Keeping. . . Completed. . . For Now

Well, I went ahead and took some time and kind of redid my blogroll. Before there really wasn't any method to my madness (a favorite term of mine by the way) and I kind of had miscellanious categories that, well, didn't mean Jack Diddly Squat. So I left all blogs in the general Blog Category save one kind. Milblogs. For some reason they deserve their own category. Every other blog, well, I listed them all Alphabetically and to break up the monotony I seperated them into categories of 12 to 15. . . or more. . . or whatever.

There are going to be other blogs that I will have to add to, but at a later date. I miss surfing the blogging community like I used too. I haven't had a huge opportunity to stay current on the Blogosphere since I've deployed and it was fun going through my blog list and remembering reading these blogs quite frequently last year.

I also remembered the whole mess that resulted in me posting THIS Picture. My brother thought I should post to all of the cross links at that time. While that is quite impossible, I decided to start at it anyway, leading me to actually use the "Sock It To Me" Header in my sidebar that I have had sitting there empty for all of this time.

Click on any of those links under that particular heading and you will see where it takes you. Call it a vanity page, I don't care. But I couldn't help it.

I don't think I'll ever track down every page that linked to me.

But you can't dwindle in the past. Oh well, anyway, Sidebar Complete. . . For Now.

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