ATTN: James, Brian and Jared

For the Volkswagen Lovers of my life, while I was touring the Kaiserslaughtern area, I saw this and knew what I had to do.

I had to take a picture of it.

So I sweet talked my NCOIC into stopping and getting a picture with it (it's between Ramstein and Landstuhl, as in the German Villages, not the military bases, though I guess you could say it was there too.) He didn't seem to be entirely thrilled, especially on account that it was raining, but being the last day of us being in Germany, I basically told him that I didn't care what else we did, just so long as we stop and see the Volkswagen.

I seemed to have convinced him because we ended up going out of our way later to get some pictures.

Indeed brings an all new meaning to the name of the Volkswagen Beetle.

Getting the good Sergeant to actually take a picture of me with the Bug was akin to pulling his teeth, so I'm grateful to have managed to get him to take one picture, though not a very good one granted.

Yes, when I saw this bug I immediately thought of my kin. I knew they would appreciate.

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