Foot not Healing

Nothing really new going on. My foot is still broken and I haven't been doing it any favors by trying to live my life and walking on it. So I have been rendered to Crutches, absolutely NO weight on my foot for three weeks. Which is hard because I can put weight on it with no pain, but its not mending so. . .

So the verdict is in, the season of snowboarding is over for me. *sighs* I will likely get a midweek pass and leave it at that for next year, I didn't use the season pass enough to make it worth my while.

I was supposed to leave for Benning in a little over a week *grumbles* but now its been delayed til end of July, as mentioned previously. And thank you all for your concern about me being in Georgia in August. I have been to Benning in August before. No it is not fun, but I'll manage to somehow survive.

Hey, I'm Preventive Medicine, despite how much I loathe my job I do know how to do it. So I'm sure I can keep an eye on the heat cat and hopefully I won't miss out on to much training because of it.

Lately I've been watching a lot of movies.

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