Server Status and Mountains

Operation Move Websites To New Servers is moving along without much of a hitch, except for the fact that because my laptop is in the shop, I'm having to use the old desk top to do this, and I've been working on it quite a bit for the last few days.

Unfortunately, everybody else wants to use the desk top too. From eBay to Spider Solitare or just checking email. I can say that I have claim to the computer, as it was originally mine, however I can't be greedy. Besides, I gave up claims to it when I deployed (it went to the folks like my former car, may god rest its soul)

Meanwhile, somewhat spontaniously, I bought a Pass and a Half from the local mountain. I don't know how many Kodak moments I'll get out of it, but I'm going to get the pass all organized tomorrow and maybe hit a few runs, try to be home in time for church. Fortunately, my church doesn't start until three in the afternoon. Truthfully, I don't like church starting that late, but in situations such as wanting to do something like snowboard in the morning, it works.

I've only boarded once this season so far (i thought I would go up a lot more then that, but finances and a desire to curb myself, as well as gas prices have kept me in check) so I'm going to hit the mountain as often as I can for the rest of this month. In April, another mountain has free skiing for the end of its season, I think I'll hit up on that, as my mountain will be closed by then *sob*.

Its such a great season so far, its a pity they're planning on closing so early. They got dumped with snow these last few days I know.

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