Sweet Bliss

Season Passes are great. I can drive up for a morning and take a few runs and not feel like I wasted a bunch of money if for some reason I decide to leave early.

Though I've discovered that I enjoy boarding by myself, I don't enjoy it nearly as much as when I'm riding with someone else.

Today was rather humorous however. I throw my gear on, get on the lift, and as I get off I note that my boot isn't on as tight as I would like. So I get to the top of the mountain and undo my bindings so I can tighten my boots.

My leash somehow slides off my leg.

The board starts taking off without me.

It was probably funny to watch me as I crawl after the board in a panic, jump after it and flop on my belly (missing it) and stumble to my feet chasing after it. Fortunately the mountain was slow this morning. And it cut across the mountain as opposed to straight down. It got caught up in some trees and I was able to rescue it.

Meanwhile, my mountain has redone its terrain park, making it a great terrain park for people wanting to learn how to jump and so on. I've always wanted to do more but have never gotten enough guts because either A) the mountain is super icy and once you take a bad fall on ice, you are done and it kind of kills your courage to do crazy things or B) you pick up to much speed coming onto a jump and you chicken out last minute.

Fortunately, they have this terrain park set up on a Beginner hill, so its flat, you can't pick up a lot of speed, so you get an opportunity to just feel what its like to get airborne. You would think, after doing this for six years, that I would be past this level, but for someone who averages snowboarding 5 times a year, mostly on ice, I haven't had a lot of opportunities.

Sweet bliss, conditions right now are GREAT! March madness, wooHOO!

I'm going to try to get up there a couple more times this week. See if I can drag another poor unwitting soul while i'm at it.

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