Job Hazards

Got a call this morning around 4 am. One of those weird calls where you know there is something that isn't right. I kind of slept through it at first, but was woken by my parents who asked me if I wanted to drive down to Pasco with them.

My brother, who's a trucker, got into an accident and was admitted into the emergency room.

News like that wakes you up pretty fast.

So we got our stuff together, called some of the family to alert them on what happened, and headed down to the tricities to check up on my brother and give him morale support.

On the way down, we got to see the accident first hand. We are very fortunate that the bodily damage wasn't worse. To my brother that is. The truck was totaled.

He had suffered a concussion and had difficulty remembering exactly what had happened. That was kind of surreal talking to him, as I had a similar situation happen to me where my short term memory was gone. Seeing it from this point of view was actually rather interesting, and brought back a few memories of the time when I had no memory, if that makes any sense at all. He would repeat questions, couldn't remember where he was or how he got there, and fortunately he didn't remember the accident at all.

Fortunately, his boss was very understanding.

He gave me permission to post the picture of the accident on my blog. Fortunately, the wood chips won't be an entire waste. The tow company said they had a use for them, since they can't be considered for their intended purpose.

Spending the morning in Pasco brought on some other interesting situations, that brings up current events going on now. But that likely deserves its own post.

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