Obligatory Snowboard Pics

I just realized I haven't posted many pictures since, well, since I was ordered not to. Then I got that order revoked and didn't really follow up on posting a lot of pictures afterward.

Well, I've been boarding twice this season, and will be hitting the mountain at least a couple more times this season to make up for lost time and take advantage of excellent conditions. Unless another kid pushes me on purpose and I'm imprisoned for child abuse because I kicked the crap out of a minor.

If he didn't get lost in the crowd, I would gotten that little fart too.

That, right there, is one of my primary motivations for boarding.
Just, check out that view! It's incredible!

Different day, different mountain, same basic effect.
Its snowed a bit here recently, as is evident by the pile on that ski lodge. . .

. . . and those trees. . .

I've decided I need more action poses.
The problem is, getting people to take them.

I'll be riding at least a couple more times these season, as previously mentioned.

Yay for me! Now I have to find victims to ride with.

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