CPR and Karate

Hmm, my blog is once again living up to its name, I'm ranting.

Once upon a time, this blog was full of rants all the time.

Right now I'm job hunting. Actually, I'm job hunting for this summer, which I think I may have mentioned in my last full blown rant. For tonight, I have to take a CPR class so I have a certificate telling everybody that I know how to do it. Because you know nothing unless you have something telling everybody you know it.

Anyway, for the job I want, I have to know CPR and First Aid with proof that I know it. So, yippy for me, this week I've got a CPR class and next week I go in for the first Aid class through the American Red Cross. I'm actually looking forward to it, it should be lots of fun.

Tomorrow I'm checking out a Kenpo Karate studio to see if this is the form of martial art to take. Somebody from work suggested it. So far I like it better then the other martial art class I was looking at.

So basically, with life I'm falling back into a routine. I had several road trips planned, but those might have to wait until the spring. For some reason, March = Snow this year.

Which I'm not complaining about! I think I'll hit the mountain tomorrow if the roads clear up!

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