TV Shows are the Plague

Note to Self:

TV shows are EEEVILLL!!!!

I knew this for a long time, hence I don't usually watch TV. Why? Because TV shows are addictive, you tend to want to watch them to see what happens next. I've been very good at not watching TV while I've been here, because I don't want to get caught up in some storyline where all I can think of is 'what happens next?'

Well, in this new day and age of TV shows on DVD, you can't help but get caught up in a TV show and watch it all in a couple of days.

Well, a lot of people have been doing that, but I have, for the most part, refrained.

Until now.

I went to the PX, for lack of something better to do, and saw Seasons 1 & 2 along with Season 3 of Sliders. I may have mentioned that I've been watching it lately, well, in deed I went ahead and bought the 1&2 pack and debated on buying the 3rd season, but since it was a complete impulse anyway, I passed on it and decided if it came down to it, I would just buy it when I came home.

Well, Season 3 is no longer at the PX. I'm down to my lask disc of seasons 1&2. I want to continue watching this dad nab it!


I hate tv shows.

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