On a More Somber Note

Some of you may have noted the Shout from my sister in my Comment Box a while back. And my subsequent silence. Well, I guess I will take this time to explain what happened.

My grandmother, who would have turned 90 next month, had just had back surgery. The surgery went fine, but shortly thereafter she had a stroke. The following day she had another stroke. Because of her condition, my family sent me a red cross message to try to get me home in time to say goodbye to her.

Unfortunately, it was to late. My grandmother, who is responsible for naming me Kami by the way (that's a good thing), passed away on Saturday 17 Dec 2005. She was in no pain and at peace. She led a very full life and I am very priveleged to have known her. She is in a better place now, and I am doing fine myself.

I will also be finishing out this deployment with my unit. I'm doing very well, but I have a feeling that her absence from my family will be felt when I get home.

She is in a better place, and I have a feeling that she is watching after me right now. Especially concerning the peace that I felt after she had passed.

Rest in Peace, Esther. You will be missed, but I have no doubt we will see each other again.

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