Just surfing the net. Because they asked me to, I put BlogSnob on my website. And I've been surfing through it ever since.

Stumbled on this quiz. Got two out of ten. Interesting. . .

Still working on the layout of named blog that you are reading right now. Did a quick comic for Creature, however it won't be up until tomorrow. I don't know if it makes any sense whatsoever. If it does, great, if it doesn't, sue me.

Surfing around a bit and am intensely curious as to how people create some of their websites. Some people are really creative. I get slightly envious. I'm not as creative as I would like to be. But then, I'm not the computer whiz that i wish I was.

THis site needs more links on it. It be very bland. If anyone wonders why I did "Sepia edition" for now, well, I just revamped my entire flippen website and I needed something simple to unify it until I can teach myself more about being a webmaster.

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.

Tasting like nuclear waste is a good thing - nothing bites me, nothing eats me, few things even touch me. I appreciate the solitude my harsh exterior brings. What Flavour Are You?

*snickers* I'm nuclear waste!!!

I'm still horribly charred from yesterday's excursion in the sun. I had to sleep in a bikini top so that I could air out my back.
Anyway, enough rambling. . . For now.

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