Writing Addictions

Oh, and I've been in a writing frenzy as of late. Almost done with the second installment of my firstest book. Then it's off to the third part in the rather bizarre and somewhat strange series that I do not allow anyone to read. To get a clear idea of the size of this, um, story, the first part is almost 200,000 words. like 195,000 or something. The second part is longer. about 235,000 words. Or it will have when it's completed. Don't ask what it's about. Just surf around the homesite until you find my confusing synopsis. But something tells me that the third installment won't be as long. but then, I didn't think i would drag out the second book as long as I have in that it would have to end in ANOTHER book! I've been working on this story for nearly four years now, btw. Four years this fall. And while working on this one, I've started three other *clears throat* stories.

Maybe I should just update that site.

Yeah. That's it.

"Whether they find a life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet."

--Jack Handy

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