Muchos of Nothing

Even though I'm penniless and utterly broke, I broke down and saw a movie. Lilo and Stitch, what a riot!

My sister still hasn't had her baby. I keep telling her to eat pizza. She's due any day.

Updated Creature. The next comic should reveal a couple new characters, and probably give some spoilers but I'm getting ansy. If I keep at the current rate, I should be done with the comic when I'm fifty. I don't want to wait that long. So I'm jumping ahead. Like, way ahead. If you read the comic, you'll know what I mean. Or maybe you won't. If it doesn't make any sense, one of these days it will.

Hmm, I was wondering what happened to Rai's website. (found out through eto) It's been giving me this error for a while now. How frustrating is that?

I think the next site to be updated in the main page is the library. It's been sort of Blah for a while, and since i'm in that mood, maybe I'll just work on that. I need to get a few more links up as well. The link page just altogehter sucks much.

Still haven't done anything drastic. Hmm. I'm thinking of revising my strategy however. What in the hell am I talking about? Maybe one of these days I'll say something.

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