McCain / Palin for the Win!

So, I've been kind of watching this political season from afar, starting with the primaries and finding the war between Clinton and Obama amusing, but overall not exactly thrilled with the choice I was given. For a while, I wanted Obama over Clinton, becuase I just don't trust Clinton, but the more I learned about Obama, the less I liked him. And Clinton was looking better and better as the Democratic Nominee.

But that left the conservative nominee being McCain, who isn't as conservative as I would like him to be. I like his stance on Pork projects (in that he hates pork) and the military, but there are a lot of things about him that I didn't like. It was making the third party candidates look more and more inviting, but I was becoming more and more of an Anybody but Obama voter, which would make me a freakin' hypocrit because I can't stand the thought of voting against somebody. I prefer to vote for somebody.

Well, the talk of the week is McCain's choice in his VP Pick of Sarah Palin. I didn't know much about her before she was picked, though I had heard her name mentioned. And when I found out that she was the Republican VP Nominee, I did my research on her and I have to admit something. I Like Her. And when I say I like her, I really really REALLY like her.

I mean, seriously, this is my kind of woman. She's a true conservative, she's honest, she doesn't play traditional politics, what you see is what you get. And she is a gun nut and lives what she believes. I can respect this woman, and I am not a feminist by any means. I believe that there are some jobs that men are better at doing then woman are, and not every woman is qualified for certain jobs. But some have the credibility to do certain jobs and I would vote for the right woman and this is just the type of woman I would vote for.

Palin adds a lot to the ticket. and it says something about McCain and the direction he may take us (and perhaps leaning more into conservative stances on issues) by choosing Palin as his running mate. I hope this is a clue as to where he plans on taking his presidency should he get elected, but as I watch the Obama / Biden ticket start to flounder and sink (hopefully? Remember, I actually posted a post rooting for Obama until I learned more of his policies and realized how horrible he would be for this country) I can just hope that I won't be let down should McCain and Palin get elected into office.

The political season has just picked up more gusto. yeah, I'm a little late on things, but come on! I work 16 hour days and just got my second day off since mid June today. I have every right to be a little late on the blogging front.

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