Did I mention how much I like Sarah Palin?

Let me reiterate how much I like her. By saying I really really REALLY like her.

No, I said that already.

For some reason my cable isn't working (not that I watch tv ever but now and then it is nice) so i had to streamline the RNC on my laptop, using my really poor internet connection so it was choppy at times, but what a terrific speech!

I may have mentioned I like Sarah Palin before, but I think its not so much of her being a woman, its the type of woman she is. And with all of the crap going on in the news about her right now, especially with her oldest daughter and what that poor girl has to go through having been thrust in the limelight, really there are some on the left who are beginning to disgust me.

I would like to see where this campaign goes, but I think the McCain / Palin ticket can only go up from here. They are attacking Palin, when it only brings out the obvious discrepencies in Obama's own run for president.

I'll keep the political commentary to a minimum, being in the service and all they like us to keep a non partisan viewpoing on matters, but still, I had a reluctant idea of who I was going to vote for before, but now I know I will be voting with pure conviction now.

Who'da thought that the choice of VP would shake things up this much?

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