The Plan is in Play

I don't know what is going on with me at the moment. I don't think anybody really knows what is going on with me at the moment.

But suddenly, today I realized something.

I've got 15 days of paid vacation. That's just over two weeks, where I can go and do whatever I want. I need to either take it while working (and after next week, I'm not going to be doing a whole lot) or I can get it paid out when I leave here.

I was thinking about this in one of three ways. One, I can continue to work off the rest of my orders, not sure what they are going to have me do in the meantime, and pay off my vacation time at the end (where I'll get the most money, but however, I won't be getting a much needed break), I can refrad early and go home asap, and pay out my vacation (which is what I was thinking about doing, long story, tell it to you some other time) or I can stay to the end, and take my vacation NOW.

There is an upside to the latter plan. See, if I do the second plan, its kind of hectic to go back east to go back west, but if I take my leave NOW (or rather, in the next couple of weeks), I can plan my vacation around that instead.

And believe me, a vacation is much needed at this time.

Also, it has sparked an excitement in me as I think about this. 'ooh! A vacation! I'm in Kentucky, and DC is only ten hours away!'

Yes, my friends, I am plotting a Road Trip as we speak. I've got to get the fine details plotted out, but it basically entails me, my car, my camera, and a debit card to pay for the gas. I'm thinking of doing a loop, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio.

I really want to see some historical landmarks, Jamestown is on the list of places to see, as is Gettysburg. Of course, there's the Capital, and I would love to see New York. Granted, I could probably spend my entire two weeks in either of those places, but seeing as I have a limited amount of money and want to see as much as I can in two weeks as possible, I think I'm going to limit those two cities to three days (possibly more depending on how much I decide to cut out of the trip)

But as my mother can attest, when it comes to planning these things, I can cram as much crap into as little time as humanly possible.

Now I have to figure out what to do about lodging.

So, any recommendations of what i should see in particular?

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