Games We Play

I'm kind of on a bit of a BS detail right now, mostly to keep us occupied as we wait to get out of here, but it provides enough amusement.

See, I'm on a 'babysitting' detail. Meaning I sit in a dental office and make sure the In Training Personnel don't head over to the dental office thinking they got a freebie pass out of training. They have a 'hat' watching the waiting room and so on.

It's totally a sham job. I have my laptop and CNN is on so I can listen to the news and see for myself the left-leaning bias. I've also got my Nintendo DS and some reading material to keep me occupied. Because I'm here ALL DAY.

Frankly, it can get boring, because we're basically making sure they aren't sleeping (that's a no-go) or getting all rowdy.

Well, it gets boring when you just yell at them to 'wake up' (I don't smoke 'em, I got in trouble for that once, long story, I'll tell it to you sometime) so sometimes you have to get creative.

Well, there was one private that was just laid back, his hands resting behind his head, just out. I see him and watch him for a moment, he doesn't notice that I see him, so he must be out. There are others in the waiting room, they see that I see him, I wait to see if any of them say anything to their battle buddy. Nobody says a thing.

So I get my hat, put it on, and casually sit next to the sleeping soldier. He doesn't stir. I sit there and stare at him for a bit. He doesn't move. I creep closer. He still doesn't move. I get right in his face. Nothing.

After about a minute, I think he's slept long enough so I whisper his name. He stirs, looks at me, and pure and utter terror feels his face as you can see his brain working in panic mode. He calls me "ma'am" and stumbles to his feet after a brief pause, going to parade rest. I probably could have smoked the crap out of him. Instead, he gets to stand until his appointment.

I love that look of pure panic. I didn't get to play games with the privates enough. And there are a hundred and one games you can play with them.

There is a purpose to 'em. I don't know what it is about that hat, it causes panic when a soldier realizes he's been caught doing something wrong (I know without the hat I am far from intimidating).

I really only got on Privates for calling me Ma'am and then apologizing by calling me a "sorry drill sergeant", but for the most part, I have been laid back. Any of the Joes who got to know me would attest to this. Again, back to me getting in trouble for smoking a private.

And again, long story.

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