Theme Parks and Loner-dom

So, since roughly Mid June, I have had exactly two full days off.

The first day was a sunday. I had nothing to do because everyone was in the field and I couldn't get out there to join them, because I suck at driving.

So I stayed home that day and did absolutely nothing.

Except maybe sleep a lot.

The next full day I had off was today.

I slept in until about sevenish.

Then I decided to use my pass to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom so I decided to try to get there as close to opening time as possible. I got there roughly 0930, only to discover that they don't open until eleven.

So I went to a flea market instead. I hadn't eaten breakfast, so I looked for something to eat.

I bought a slim jim and a charlston chew.

Remind me never to get a slim jim again. And I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I ended up eating about half of the charleston chew before tossing both away.

I waited in line to go ride roller coasters for about thirty minutes. really, I came for the roller coasters and the water park. I discovered recently that I can't stomach twirly rides that spin you around.

I hit up three roller coasters in under an hour. Because Kentucky Kingdom was actually a little on the dead side for being a holiday weekend.

that can actually be quite nauseating.

Why is it the older you get, the less fun things as a kid are? I used to LOVE roller coasters. I still enjoy them, but they aren't as nearly as fun anymore.

So I bought a swimming suit and decided to hang out in the water park for a while. Except I am a loser who came here by myself. See, everyone else popped smoke on friday except for the CQ. And me. Because apparently I'm the only one who can track 1100 pieces of TA 50 that needs to be turned in on Tuesday so I've been coming in every day except for today to make sure it is ready to turn in.


So excuse the dour mood if I didn't really have anybody to go with. But it is definitely one of those places that you don't go hang out at by yourself. You take somebody to hang out with.

Everyone I know is either to busy to go do things like this with, popped smoke on Friday and I have no clue where they are, married to another person and hanging out with me would look inappropriate, or in training and therefore, well, off limits for these kinds of things. But I can guarantee that the last demographic would have gone in a heartbeat.

Besides, I don't think anybody in training needs to see me in a bikini. I've been in uniform every day this summer. I think I blinded a few people with my pale swedish skin that saw sun for the first time in months this afternoon.

Yeah, I think next time I decide to go to a theme park, I'll drag somebody along with me. Regardless of how reluctant they are to go. I'll just plan it better.

Yes, I think this summer has finally taught me that socializing from time to time is a good thing! A very good things.

Now I should probably get to bed. I got a crap load of TA 50 to turn in in the morning.

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