Only the Fools Jump

UPDATED with More Photos. Intermixed with the previous.

So, that's an item off my bucket list.

I think I'll do that again.

I have always wanted to skydive, and I've had a huge desire to do this over the last few summers, and I made it a vow that I would go skydiving this summer, after we graduated, as a gift to myself. It did become largely that, a release for the crap i had to put up with, and a reward to myself for not completely losing my mind.

Well, the fact that I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane might be the first sign that I've completely lost my mind. Hah!

this is Jim, who owns the establishment. A part of me wanted to go by myself, but I'm glad I went tandum because I wouldn't have had a clue as to how to do this, there is a lot to know and he walked me through it.

Practicing jumping out of the plane, I was really nervous and giddy with excitement. Heheh

In the airplane. Some of the pictures blurred, but I was getting ready to jump out for real.

They give you a series of steps you have to go through to successfully jump out of an airplane, but when you jump, sometimes everything escapes your brain as the only thing you can think about is "I'm jumping out of an Airplane!!!"

The soumersaults followed. And spinning in the air as you hit terminal velocity.

Look, I'm UPSIDE DOWN!!!

The air just wraps around your cheeks, and you look a little like a freak. But hell, adreneline is pumping, blood rushing, this is a freakin' TRIP!!! Holy cow, you can't believe you did it!

Checking altitude, you have to be at the right point to pull that ripcord.

The landing, again, a little blurred *sighs* but we landed like pros, on the ground and no falling on my face.

I should go through the windblown look more often. It's very becoming on me, don't you think?

That, right there. all I can think is 'hooah!'

Now excuse me, I need to go sign up to jump again.

Edit skydiving twice in one day will kind of make one nauseous. But yes, I will have to do this again in the not to distant future!

Because the first pictures blurred a bit, and I signed up for a second jump, they took some more pictures. the camera they took it with is very similar to my Canon, so I showed them how to fix the settings. Can you tell which ones were taken on the second jump?

I don't know why I like this picture, but it might be the casual candidness of it.

(Arch your back when you come out of that plane!)
Kentucky Skydive

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