Dealing With Lower Beings

Most people who know me know I'm really laid back. At the same time I'm also high strung. But let's keep with the laid back trait for now.

I'm quite spontanious but at the same time, if I am given some time to think things through, I analize the best way to go over something, or how I should handle something. I have a very active mind and it races all the time if I am given an opportunity to sit and think about it.

So anyway, most of the time I sit back and listen and observe whats going on around me. I do that a lot in my job when I am talking to the Lower Beings (I have to speak in code when I talk about my job, notice that?) and sometimes they will say something to me and it catches me off guard and because I'm so laid back I don't handle it right then and there, but I will get some time to think about it and I'll chew them out the next day when i see them.

I would chew people out more often right then and there and let my high strung personality take over more often, but that is another story for later.

Such as the case with a certain person. I've taken ownership in a few people and have tried to help them when I'm not busy hunting down various items requested by others. Anyway, when they leave us because they can no longer train and they are getting processed out, we have to take them to another location who processes them out completely. The lower beings here have more freedoms, like surfing the internet watching tv and calling home daily, as long as they behave themselves. When I dropped off a few people, the people improcessing them are chilling, and I'm kind of in chill mode too.

The problem is, as I mentioned before when i talked about how easy it is to find me on the internet, one of them did.

More aptly, he found my Myspace page. I don't use Myspace all that often, mostly its a good way to keep in contact with people I haven't seen in years, and I'll find them on programs like Myspace and Facebook. But I'm not really big on using my Myspace page.

So this lower being decided that he would request to friend me through Myspace.

Wrong answer.

I even have a little disclaimer on my Myspace that tells lower beings not to contact or friend me until they are no longer in the status of Lower Beings or they get out completely. I messaged him back, told him he was still a Lower Being and not to contact me again and denied his friends request.

I went to this place today just to see who was still there and how they were doing, because we graduated the rest of our lower beings on Thursday. And i found out that this one individual who had requested to be my friend on myspace had been telling all of his 'buddies' that he knew me really well and we were talking all of the time and he showed them all my Myspace page.

This pissed me off.

I'll tell you why.

there is a reason that disclaimer is there. if a Lower Being is telling other Lower beings that me, a 'higher being' (because that is an acceptable analogy to use in this situation) is contacting them through electronic means (such as phone, internet, etc) and we are on friendly terms (and apparently he was suggesting we were more then just friends, and we knew each other before coming here, which is a lie), that could put me into some hot water. I could be placed under investigation and be removed from my job as a Hat. And I like my hat.

They brought him downstairs and one of my people told me later that he had never seen me that angry before when I chewed this person out. Later, during roll call, I was brought out in front of the entire troop and I publically humiliated this person for telling his buddies that I was his 'friend'. So it was quite clear we were not buddy buddy.

I nearly got into some hot water earlier in the cycle for somebody pranking me and telling me they were a 'lower being' through a text message and they had a cell phone. I pretty much told them that they were never to contact me again through that means. I then went through my chain and informed them what was happening so I didn't get in trouble for it.

This kind of thing gets me wired. I did mention I am high strung, right?

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