Creatures that Crawl

I may have mentioned once or twice that I like bugs, and I got this freakin' camera that's a monster and I got a Micro lens for it. meaning it can take pictures of things really up close.

I'm still working out the finer details of my micro (or is it macro? i forget) lens, and sometimes I get a little to close to my subject that only a portion of it comes out clear and the rest of it blurs, but it does take some fun pictures.

Several people have noticed my interest in taking pictures of bugs and commented on it. But a lot of people have also noticed that i lug around a massive camera. Well, since I've been here, I've been one to take pictures of various things. I don't always have a lot of time to blog about them however.


These are quite possibly some of the most interesting bugs you'll find around. They only come out ever seven years or so, and they are in mass for about three weeks. They live underground in the larvae stage and come out after seven years, celebrate by mating and then they die.

They are also very noisy, swarm in trees, and they are freakin' huge.

They also have this habit of flying around and landing on you, and just hanging out for a while until you notice that they are there. Like this one that landed on my camera strap and just hung out.

I thought he was pretty cool so I allowed him to crawl on my finger and tried to get some shots of him up close.

Until I realized that there was a pinching sensation and noticed his probiscus was starting to dig into my skin. I got a serious case of the willies and that sucker went flying as I flung him off my finger as quickly as I could.

Sometimes bugs do give me the eebie jeebies.

my Roommate

Actually, I haven't seen my roommate in a while, but I saw him crawling around by the window and couldn't resist getting some pictures of him. He's not very big, so I had to zoom in close, so I got a lot of pictures that blurred him a bit.

I tried several shots of this guy with and without the flash, some turned out, others not so much.

I'm not exactly certain why Spiders don't creep me out like they do other people, though I admit I wouldn't want a run in with a brown recluse. But this guy just looked cool to me, with his hairy legs and all. I think he's kind of cute. For a spider at least.

If spiders could be described as cute.

Granted, i don't think I would want to cuddle with him.

Finding Crawlies

I saw this guy wandering around on a plant when i went for a hike a couple months back (before we picked up a cycle) and saw a bunch of bugs, including this guy, who I wanted to get some pictures of so I let him crawl around on my arm as I tried to get pictures of him. I kind of like the look of him with my watch blurred out. You can even make out the date this photo was taken.

Plus the time I went on my little hike to take nature pics. Yay for nature pics.

These little green bugs would just jump every which way before I could get my shot. So I had to sneak up on this one.

I really like these uber blurred shots, but it is really hard to get these to turn out. This is one of my more successful close ups with bugs digging around in flowers. often times, if I leave the auto focus on, the camera will focus on anything but the topic I want it to focus on. Very frustrating when it does that.

You can't necessarily notice it from this pic, but this is a really small fly.

It was hard to get this one to turn out, because of the monochrome and lack of contrast, the moth just blends in with its surroundings. But I like how I appear to have caught it's attention to get it to look directly at me.

I've been taking quite a few pictures here (not all are of bugs, but some topics are quite annoying). It is not uncommon for me to snap four hundred pictures at one time. When i try to stay busy sometimes it is hard to get over where the action is and take some pictures, but sometimes you have to take a gob of pictures to see if you can get that one perfect shot.

though with bugs sometimes its hard to take that many pictures of a single subject. But I want to work on getting some more pics.

Maybe i can even get some with me in them? Hey, probably not.

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