Google Me

I thought about the various ways to find somebody online recently, especially if somebody has the internet presence I have.

Or rather (fortunately) had at one time.

Yes, it is a good thing that I am not so prevalent on the internet, but I am not as easy to find on the internet as I once was.

So, because of the fact that some people may or may not try to find me, after this summer especially (for whatever reason, the largest being the fact that I take a lot of pictures and have had a lot of people asking about the pictures I take, to which I tell them to shut up), it just made me wonder how easy they could find me and email me. especially considering some people shouldn't be in contact with me in that matter.

So anyway, I looked at the various ways to contact myself. And how fast it took them to find this blog.

Google my first and Last Name: 7 out of ten links on the first page direct to me and various profiles of me on the internet. Several of the links in turn link to this blog. But no direct links. Hmm.

Google DS with my last name: Not on the first page at all. In fact, I don't show up in the first fifty hits. That's promising.

Google Drill Sergeant with my Last Name: Two hits, my milblog and indirectly, my LJ.

Google Risawn: Everything that hits is related to me. However nobody in the real world knows me as this.

So I am findable. But people have to work to find me. Unless they know my first and last name.

Promising indeed.

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