My Dilemma

So I have reached a dilemma in regards to my forever incompatibility with my service in the military. that would be my hair.

I don't want to cut it ultra short, I did that once and liked it, but then I had to live with the pain of trying to grow it out to a length I actually liked. But I like it long.

the problem is that I have to keep it off my collar in a bun at all times whenever I am in uniform. And I'm a blonde, so i got the thin wispy blonde hair that breaks off. I shed like a cat. I brush my hair and it falls out in clumps.

guys don't have this dilemma, because they just shave it off and are done with it. I would look weird with a shaved head. And I would probably get my ass reamed.

But now I'm wondering if I should cut it or not, or should I wait until I get back home to cut it? Granted, while its long, and if I can wake myself up early enough to use plenty of hair goop to keep it in place, it stays cooler when its off the neck, and I'm thinking about cutting it short enough so that I don't have to wear it up and can leave it down.

Hmm. . .

this is the current length, taken by myself because when anybody takes pictures around here of anybody else, it is usually me taking them. And I can't resist making faces at the camera whenever I take pictures of myself because i feel like a retard when i do it.

the standard bun, so my hair is pulled back it looks like this. Granted, this was one of the days I decided to forego hair goop and it stayed *reasonably* back, but a lot of time it just wants to fall out in clumps.

So the question is should I cut it short, or just suck it up and leave it? Not so short that I have a butch dyke appearance, but cut it above the collar and let it be?

and no, I don't wear a lick of make up. There is nobody here i want to look good for. I've been in trouble enough for me to make appearances worse then they already are.

Anyway, this is about what I look like on any given day. I can't get creative with my appearance because I wear the same thing every day, and I don't want to attract any more attention then a short blonde female hanging around a bunch of guys attracts already. I fear i stick out a bit much already.

Not to mention i have a hat that nobody here sees regularly, which might as well be a flashing beacon yelling 'look at me!'

In other news, I'm the thinnest now then I have ever been in my adult life. It would be a good thing if I was actually maintaining it by working out regularly. No, I just don't eat that much. somebody commented that i eat like a bird. I guess he was probably right.

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