Kentucky Thunderstorms

I got woke up last night at about 3 in the morning due to a huge thunderstorm, the kind that literally light up the sky, the thunder rolling nice and loud. I never minded thunderstorms, I actually kind of like them. I saw some amazing ones while at Fort Sam in Texas and in Kosovo. THere have been a few since I've been here.

Today after we got off work it poured down rain pretty hard for a few minutes, but there was still sunlight out. The humidity is starting to hit, when I pulled up to fill up my tank, (I never let it get much more then a quarter empty) and the water was steaming off the road, I had never seen anything quite like it that I can recall. It was kind of weird.

Yep, I'm keeping pretty busy. I was hoping to try to take a class while I was here, but it doesn't look to be happening, I'll have to take a break over the summer and perhaps pick back up on it this fall when everything is all said and done.

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