Resolutions - 2008/2009 Edition

Happy New Year!

Every year I make resolutions and post them on my website, then look back to see how I did the previous year. This year? Er, I don't think I did so well. Let's see, shall we?.

Resolutions for 2008
  1. Paint more (I told you, it would be back)
    Well, how about that. I did paint more then I did the year before, even if it was only one painting. That I haven't completed yet. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it.
  2. Max APFT (this is completely and 100% doable)
    Heh. Hehehe. That's completely laughable, considering I was barely even doing PT this year. I was stuck babysitting the sick call when i should have been doing PT. So write this one of for last year. This year, however. . .
    • Make at Least 70 points in each event on the male standard (I'll be training males at Knox, I want to be able to do anything and everything I ask them to do)
      See Above. If I didn't pass that, I sure wasn't about to pass this.

  3. Accomplish every task on the Confidence Course
    Never even did it.
  4. Earn a pair of wings (Air Assault, Airborne, whatever, I'm not picky, and Campbell is just two hours away)
    The opportunity did not arise. And even if it had, I would have passed on it because of the PT thing.
  5. Buy a Handgun
    Hey, I did complete one! I got a Taurus Judge!
  6. Effectively Juggle at least one college class with a mobilization at all times.
    I gave up on this quite quickly when I realize my degree was not what I wanted to do. I would like to go back, which is a possibility this year, but we'll see how that works out.
  7. RoadTrip (almost certain to happen this year!)
    And happen it did! I went all over back east, saw some places I have never seen before, although I think it would have been more fun if I had somebody with me. But road tripping is always an adventure.
  8. Effectively grab an edge and land it on a snowboard.
    I am getting better at jumping, but I have yet to grab an edge. The resorts don't really have terrain parks jumps up yet, at least the resorts I've been to don't. This is more of a lifetime goal anyway.
  9. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane (Maybe already stated, but if I don't get Airborne, I still want to go skydiving. Or Bungee Jumping at least. Something crazy like that)
    Jump out of an airplane I did :) With a stranger strapped to my back, yes, so my next goal is to go solo. We'll see how that goes.
  10. Keep a semi regular update on comic. (This might die during mob, we'll see)
    I posted a page up last month after about an eight month hiatus, but I am having difficulty getting motivated to do it anymore. I think I prefer writing to drawing.
  11. Keep Election Year political talk semi civil minded. Unless Hillary is involved of course.
    I think I was semi civil minded, wasn't I? Or should this go in the yellow or red column? I don't think I was acid tongued and called for the death of certain presidential candidates. I poked fun, yes, but I was civil minded, right?
    • Vote for the Winning Candidate.
      Voted McCain. Obama won.

  12. Don't go stark raving insane.
    Miserable failure. I went borderline homicidal or completely apathetic at several points this year. Though it was a good learning experience.

Wow. Just, well, that was pretty awful. I am hoping that 2009 is a wee bit more successful in the resolution department then 2008 was. But whatever the case, let's look at this next year.

  1. Paint More - every year, I will add this resolution
  2. Buy a truck - after this winter, I have discovered that it would be nice to have transportation after my little mazda kept getting stuck. that, and a truck would be nice to have. Yes, I'm keeping the mazda. gas prices will undoubtedly go up again.
  3. Get a Motorcycle License - I have a fear of motorcycles. I want to overcome it.
  4. Concealed Weapon's Permit - In the next couple of weeks, I need to do this.
  5. Get a real Job - This is dependent on what happens over the next couple of months. If I mobilize, that counts.
  6. Date More - very important, I just need to work on my social life.
  7. Max Out APFT - I should just make this a staple resolution. It will be easier if I mobilize, but I need to work at it even if I don't. I think I would be happier if I'm active and stay in shape.
  8. Run More - In par with above resolution, we can include Bloomsday, but only if I'm in town for it.
  9. Get Into Rock Climbing - Good hobby that keeps me physically active. And it's fun!
  10. Go Back to College - I might just be taking general ed courses or something, but I really would like to continue with my degree. I may never see a Bachelor's, but I need to do something.
  11. Save more Money - I want more money in my savings account. especially if the economy goes down the toilet. It would just be a nice thing to not have to worry about as much as everyone else is.
  12. Send out Christmas cards - this is a good way to keep in touch with people. I sent them out last year, I want to do it again this year. And I want to get more addresses too.
  13. Avoid the words Hope and Change like the plague - Holy crap I was watching the ball drop last night and that's all they were talking about was hope and change. Gag me, I'm just hoping Obama turns out to be a better president then i think he will be.

Notice I didn't get so military centric with my goals? I think I need to just keep it vague and go from there. Well, here's to a better 2009 then 2008 was.

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