Joys of Automobile Buying

So, I can't move my car out of the driveway. Really, I think it's the lack of traction on the tires, it kind of sunk in its spot that it's been parked in since Christmas Day and I haven't moved it since.

So I attempted to dig it out today, trying to at least move it a little more forward in the driveway so we can a little more room with a car or something, but alas, my attempt ended in failure.

My car is stuck in the driveway and I don't think it's going anywhere until the snow thaws.

However, i have no problem with my car when I can move it, but with more snowfall expected all this week, and brilliant mountain conditions, it has made me realize that, well, as much fun as it is to be snowed in for three weeks, I hate depending on other people and borrowing vehicles (like my brother's truck) when there are a hundred and one things I would like to do and can't get out to do them because my car is stuck.

But I kind of realized this week that there is a simple solution to this.

Buy a truck. It will get me around town when the weather decides to defy Global Warming Alarmists and dump record amounts of snowfall in my home town, and if I ever want to haul anything, I don't have to bother other people with the use of their vehicles. Plus guys dig chicks in trucks.

So I picked up the Nickle Nick, and the Wheel Deals and checked out Craigslist to get a good idea of what a truck is running right now. And kind of got an idea of what I want to get.

So, this is the features I'm looking for. Astricks means that I demand this feature, otherwise it's not going to kill the option of me buying the truck if it doesn't have it.

4 Wheel Drive*
Cruise Control
Extended Cab
Manual Transmission*
6 Cylander Engine for Towing Capabilities

Consumer Reports states that my best bet is a Toyota Tacoma or a Honda Highlander (hah! Slightly out of my price range) and surprise surprise, the domestic models appear to all be crap in the years that are within my price range, and have horrible depreciation. Like Dodges. Hmm. . . wonder why.

Anyway, I found this '98 Toyota Tacoma that looks to be exactly what I'm looking for except it's a 4Cyl engine (not sure if it has cruise control or not). How much can a 4 Cyl tow, or should I even attempt anything with it? Keep looking? Should I wait? Am I jumping into things and will I have buyer's remorse?

The thing is, I want to enjoy the snow and it's a little difficult when one is stuck in the home. But I'm also tempted to wait until Knox is a go or not. And I won't know for sure for about another month. But this vehicle is within my price range, even if I park it while I'm gone and let the family use it (or end up driving it and leaving the mazda at home) but whatever the case, I need to do something. Heck, it would just be handy to have another vehicle if I stick around here and need something reliable to get me to work when the weather dumps two feet of snow on me.

Who knows, I might consider an SUV like a 4Runner (my sister has one) that can tow, saw one of them online within my price range. So, truck or SUV? My dad suggested I go with a Subaru, but, well, I'm keeping my car (it's paid for), I just need something to get me around when it gets stuck in the driveway. And a 4WD is helpful when you want to go places a car can't get too. And I might as well get something that can haul and for luggage capacity.

I'll be telling you how my shopping experience goes. But I think I'm definitely going with Toyota. If anything, it gives me Free Ski Days.

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