Snowboarding at Schweitzer

So I went snowboarding yesterday at Schweitzer.

It was glorious snowboarding conditions, though a little on the cold side and I found out I had the wrong wax on my board because I was having trouble getting anywhere. And for being the third time visiting Schweitzer, (the first time it was icey, the second time resulting in global transient amnesia) I learned that Schweitzer is a skier's mountain.

Don't get me wrong, it is a fun mountain, and big. But there are too many flatspots and stupid cat tracks that at times, I was riding the toe edge of my board so much that my calves were burning. Toward the end, my ankle was useless that I could barely control the board anymore.

I had fun on the first tow rope I have ever been on though. Basically, you are towed along to the top of a hill rather then walking up it. This concept is pretty easy for skiers and experienced snowboarders, and I got the hang of it for a while, until I tried to adjust my grip on the rope. And then I started to lose my balance, I caught an edge and went down, and got dragged for about twenty to thrity feet. My friend told me to let go, but this is a skiers mountain mind you, and i was sick of skating everywhere. I didn't care how close to the top I was, I just let that tow rope drag me.

I wish I got a picture. It would have been funny.

Anyway, while surfing Flickr, I saw this group called 365 Days. Basically, you post a picture of yourself every day of the year. The idea is to get creative photographs. I thought I would try it. But I'm a couple of days late and I'll probably skip a few, and who knows, I might not exactly keep up with it.

Anyway, this is Day 3 of 365.

I'll have my friend Andrea know that I absolutely LOVE that scarf, it was my favorite birthday/christmas gift this year by far and I would be absolutely heartbroken if anything happened to it.

In other news, I need to find a more feminine snowboarding jacket. Wearing this or my military issue gortex jacket has most people on the slopes mistaking me for a prepubescent boy.

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