To all of you concerned, and I guess that is anyone who bothers to read this thing.

I will be removing my blog here shortly. It may be a temporary thing, but in the scheme of internet speak, you might as well call it permanent. Yep, this blog is going on a hiatus, the archives and everything will be going on with it.

Please don't get some crazy idea that I was forced to shut down my blog. I wasn't. I've been kind of thinking this over in my head for some time that when it comes to this blog and my career in the military, this blog has been quite a thorn in my side. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to remove the thorn. And I don't need this blog for the reasons I started it in the first place. I don't use it for the same purposes, and when you start to get to the level that I am, it becomes more of a curse then a blessing.

So I'm going to take the whole thing down for a while. In about a year or so, if I feel the need to blog again, maybe I'll resurrect it from the dead. Or maybe I'll start from scratch. Or maybe I'll just let it rest in peace. Who knows? A lot can change in a year or two.

Thanks for the comments and the readership. It has been greatly appreciated. Even if 2004 was a complete fluke and I probably shouldn't have this level of readership to begin with.

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