Over the last week, I've been reading a lot when I am sitting around waiting, which is a lot, and read Ann Coulter's new book, Guilty. I have to say I like her. I guess there is something about strong conservative women that stick to their guns like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin that I can appreciate. And I think I can fully realize why I like Sarah Palin so much now. I was trying to figure it out, its more then just that she's sincere and a real person and not just a public face, (as well as the whole gun chick thing, I might be drawn to another women who is into firearms) but I have also realized it's because she's unapologetic.

After reading Ann Coulter's new book, I realized that some Republicans seem to eager to please Democrats and feel the need to apologize for any offense we might cause. if something is misconstrued, damn it, the republican will apologize. The democrats never apologize, they just bitch on republicans and tell everyone about the right wing attack machine and make excuses.

I do not consider myself a republican, because I hate political parties. I'm a conservative. I don't have to apologize for my feelings and opinions, I know what I believe and if I don't know much about something, I don't hold an opinion of it until I thoroughly research it enough to make myself confident of an opinion.

This political season has got me ripped and fired up from my vantage point. I was outraged by the attack that went toward Sarah Palin, which was downright outragious. The whole 'trig palin is her grandson' and 'troopergate' scandals, which weren't scandals in the first place, had me furious at times. But what really got me going was how the similar criticisms were not levied toward others on the democratic ticket. And then there's that whole 'Joe the Plumber' deal. Why was an ordinary citizen attacked for asking Obama a question, deflecting the attention from Obama's very questionable answer?

Everyone harps on how Bush stole the election in 2000 (and try to claim that he repeated the act in 2004). Doesn't anybody find Christine Gregoire (my governor) and Al Frankin's 'Count the votes until we win' elections a little questionable?

I boycott the media now. I refuse to watch CNN or MSNBC, and Ann Coulter's book puts into words the insanity I witnessed during this election and why I pretty much stopped paying attention to the MSM. For the last eight years we've been forced to put up with a lot of crap on the left. Well guess what? That crap is about to hit the fan. The democrats managed to achieve the house, senate and the executive branch, within the next few years after a few justices retire, they'll have a solid hold on the judicial branch as well. Watch as the next couple of years the government goes into the toilet and we emerge as a socialist state. Let's see what a utopia it will be as well!

Anyway, Guilty is a fantastic book, which I highly recommend. Read it. We need to hold the freakin' media accountable for their obvious bias, and I will certainly keep tabs on this administration. It would be nice if more people paid attention to politics. Next up is Liberal Fascism. I've heard a lot of good things about it too, thought I would finally read it.

-In case your still wondering, yes, the blog is still going down. But I thought I would give praises to Ann Coulter's book regardless and tell people to go read it already.

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