Ok, I officially need to start looking for something *more* productive to do.

The snow is starting to melt and I've only taken advantage of the superb snow conditions twice this year. Call it me having a lack of income and wanting to conserve my money in anyway possible, which would be a good plan to live by even if I was working right now.

Overall I've just been taking advantage of my surplus of time by vedging around and getting projects that I've been meaning to do done. It has a lot of me drawing things and trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

In the productive side, I really need to start running more. The snow has been keeping me from doing this, but now that it is melted, I should really take advantage of the sun and go get some running in.

I have a PT test in a week and a half, I want to at least pass it in the 70's in each event if I can *hah!* Being a reservist sometimes sucks.

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